Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brown Out

NFL fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating this Sunday's showdown between the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns. Not since the epic Browns-Bills shootout in Week Five, when Cleveland clawed out a 6-3 win, has a game attracted this kind of excitement. Many intriguing questions are already emerging as the pre-game buzz builds:

Will the Browns score an offensive touchdown?

Will Brady Quinn attempt to throw the ball more than ten yards downfield?

Have the Browns defensive coaches figured out how to count to eleven yet?

How many false starts, illegal formations, and delay of game penalties will the two teams combine to get?

How many Lions starters will be injured before halftime?

What creative new ways will the Lions find to shoot themselves in the foot and give away points to the other team?

Will they even be able to give away points to a team as offensively inept as the Browns?

These questions and many more will finally be answered when the two teams face off on the hallowed grounds of Ford Field on Sunday. It's a surprise and a shame that this isn't a nationally televised game because it promises to be one you don't want to miss.

One thing that we all can be thankful for is that this little turkey bowl is scheduled for this Sunday and not on Thanksgiving Day when the Lions will face the Packers.

UPDATE-- Tom e-mails with another point to ponder:

If you are the TV broadcast team covering this game, do you switch looking for a new gig into high priority mode? Because, other than covering the unveiling of the salt pile at the D.O.T. as the snowflakes begin to fly, could there be a worse job to be had in TV broadcasting other than covering this game?

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