Monday, November 09, 2009

Dazed and Confused

Sen. John Kerry on how he came to the conclusion that we need to dial back it back a few notches in Afghanistan.

Last month I was traveling down a dirt road in Afghanistan's Helmand province in a heavily armored vehicle. Through thick, bullet-proof windows, I could see Afghans staring as we rumbled past. Their numb looks of confusion took me back 40 years to my days as a young Navy officer in Vietnam.

He served in Vietnam? I hadn't heard that before, that's interesting. Anyway ...

Yes, amateur psychoanalysis of the looks on the faces of rural tribesman whipping by at 60 MPH might yield important conclusions about the course we should pursue in Afghanistan. Then again, let's not jump to conclusions. That's the exact same look most Americans had after seeing this picture back in 2004. Maybe there's just something about John Kerry that inspires numb confusion.

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