Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Eleventh Hour

UPDATE: Bumped to today.

A trio of offers and activities to commemorate Veteran's Day today.

First up, John (himself a vet) e-mails to make us aware of a very special offer from Applebee's:

On Veterans Day all active duty military and vets can eat free at Applebee's. All they have to do is show proof of service.

Next up is Keegan's Irish Pub which continues its Salute to the Military tradition:

Keegan's Pub is celebrating our 8th annual Salute to the Military. From Friday, November 6th through Veteran's Day, November 11, all military men and women and all vets get their first drink free. S.O.S. is on the menu all day each day for just $4.95.

Finally, the Eleven-Eleven campaign is a simple, but powerful way for you to demonstrate your gratitude and support for America's veterans:

The objective of the Eleven Eleven Campaign is simple: to get 11 million Americans to donate $11 to support America's Veterans.

To reach that objective, we've made it easy to give back to our Veterans. Americans can text the word "VETS" to 85944 to donate $10 to America’s Veterans--your $10 donation will be matched with $1 from Beyond Tribute. Or you can give online here.

Contributions make a profound difference in the lives of America's Veterans. Contributions are distributed directly to Beyond Tribute's coalition partners, who specialize in providing direct services and advocacy for America's Veterans.

Even in these tough times, I think just about everyone could find a way to chip in eleven bucks for the vets. It doesn't sound like much and individually it's not. But when you take eleven bucks eleven million times over you get a significant number that can make a real difference.

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