Monday, November 16, 2009

If You Build It, They Won't Fumble

After yesterday's victory over the Lions, Vikings head coach Brad Childress made what has to be the worst excuse for a player's performance and the worst pitch for a new stadium for the team that we've heard to date:

We asked Brad Childress if Adrian Peterson could have done anything to prevent the fumble on his breakaway run, and he said that if this were a new stadium with a huge Jumbotron in each end zone, Adrian would have been able to see the defender coming up behind him.

I asked Brad if he was blaming the taxpayers of Minnesota for Peterson's fumble. He said, "Whoever is responsible for us not having a Jumbotron."

Damn you David Strom! You and your like-minded skin flints who refused to hand over a blank check from the State of Minnesota to a wealthy owner of a professional sports team are responsible for Adrian Peterson's fumble. You're just lucky that we were playing a team as hapless as the Lions or else YOU could have cost the Vikings the game. If this team doesn't live up to its now vastly inflated expectations and win the Super Bowl this year at least we'll know who's really at fault.

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