Saturday, November 07, 2009

Northern Alliance Radio Network

The Northern Alliance Radio Network is back LIVE for another exciting and highly significant broadcast day. The full First Team should be assembled, as John Hinderaker is reportedly recovered from the pig flu, tanned, rested and ready for a dramatic return.

It all starts at 11AM central. Highlight is likely to be our guest at 11:3o, Michael Barone. You've seen his work at the Washington Examiner and Fox News, where he particularly distinguishes himself with election results analysis. He's also the author of my favorite book, the Almanac of American Politics, of which the 2010 edition has just been released. He'll bring his keen eye and wisdom to the elections of last Tuesday and what it may portend in 2010, especially in Minnesota.

Plus, Loon of the Week, This Week in Gatekeeping, and much, much more.

Remember, The Northern Alliance Radio Network starts at 11AM Central, locally on AM1280 the Patriot. Streaming LIVE worldwide at their web site. You can join the conversation at 651-289-4488. Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey. Also, don't forget at 9 AM King Banaian over at KYRC (Business 1570) and David Strom on the Patriot.

Don't you dare miss it!

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