Friday, November 06, 2009

A Simple Plan

(Begin with black screen and somber music in background. Scroll the following in bold white text.)

U.S. unemployment rate in January 2007 when Democrats assumed control of Congress?


U.S. unemployment rate in October 2009?


According to a recent CNN poll, percentage of Americans who believe the economy is the MOST important issue facing the country?


Percentage who believe that health care is?


The response of Democrats in Congress in the face of these numbers?

Trying to rush a health care bill through Congress that would in all likelihood make it harder for companies to create new jobs.


There's your generic Republican House candidate campaign ad for 2010. Modify it as circumstances warrant and run that baby hard and heavy. Maybe do another one with the federal budget deficit data. Just be sure to get the numbers out there and keep the focus on them.

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