Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Two For The Road

Read two worthy books on my recent bidneess trip. First up was Jonah Goldberg's indispensible work on the history of fascism and its connection to progressive American politics.

So much has already been written about the book that I don't feel the need to add much other than to reaffirm that it's a must read for conservatives. You might even want to try to get your liberal friends to give it a go if they're open to new ideas. If they think George W. Bush was a fascist wait until they learn about the real Woodrow Wilson.

The second book was the debut novel from Bryan Gruley--WSJ Chicago bureau chief--about a mystery in a small Michigan town that revolves around journalism and hockey.

Yeah, pretty much right in my wheelhouse. Anyone who's ever played hockey or spent any amount of time in a small resort town in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan will instantly recognize and appreciate the characters and settings that Gruley has created. He also takes on one of the most difficult of tasks in writing: telling the story from a perspective that you don't share. A man giving voice to female characters (or vice versa) is child's play compared to a forward trying to get inside the twisted mind of a goaltender. To his credit, Gruley nails it. Or at least I think he does. God only knows what's really going on with those demented souls who choose to play between the pipes.

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