Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Loon of the Year: Final Four

The regional action is now complete and the 2009 Loon of the Year Final Four is now set. A powerhouse field remains with three #1 seeds advancing along with a strong-finishing and loud-mouthed #2 seed.

Game 1 pits the West champion, Rep. Nancy Pelosi versus the Midwest champion, and home town favorite, Sen. Al Franken. It's a battle of contrasts. House vs. Senate. Man vs. Woman. Extreme liberal from San Francisco vs. extreme liberal from St. Louis Park. The person most responsible for shoving health care reform down our throats vs. the person most responsible for the movie Stuart Saves His Family. No matter who wins, I get the feeling we're all losers in the long run with these people.

Game 2 features the Beast from the East, Vice President Al Gore. He's fresh from railing against global warming amid the blizzard Copenhagen and now blowing hot air again back in the US. He's got his sights set on the Main From Plains, Jimmy Carter. It's the battle of similarities here. Nobel Peace Prize Winner vs. Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Spoken word Grammy winner vs. spoken word Grammy winner. Failed Presidential candidate vs. failed presidential candidate. It's just too bad they both can't lose this one too.

Voting starts NOW and open through the end of the week.

LOTY: Final Four - Game 1
(1) Nancy Pelosi
(2) Al Franken

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LOTY: Final Four - Game 2
(1) Al Gore
(1) Jimmy Carter

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