Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Loon of the Year: Quarterfinals

After some frenzied action in round 1, the 2009 Loon of the Year now continues with the quarterfinals. The top seeds generally rolled over the competition, making this round an all-star affair.

In the East, Sarah Palin basher extraordinnaire David Letterman was the only non-top 2 seed in the entire tournament to advance, so fit him for the glass slipper as this year's Cinderella story. He's up against the climate change fear mongering 800-pound gorilla Al Gore and his belief that the core of the Earth has a temperature somewhere north of a couple million degrees.

In the Southeast, Jimmy Carter and his charges of racism against those who oppose Obama escaped the first round with the lowest percentage vote of any of the winners. Malaise may have crept into his LOTY effort and his clinch with acid-tongued, tea bagging expert Janeane Garofalo will be a must see event.

In the West, it's a clash of the Titans. Perennial favorite Nany Pelosi has a strong claim this year with her hopes that citizens will sacrifice their future children in order to help balance the Federal budget. She's up against actor Sean Penn and his emotional advocacy of the trendiest topic of the year, gay marriage, and his thanks for finally having an elegant President of the United States.

In the Midwest, it's the battle of comedians. Talk show host Bill Maher with his classic America bashing routine vs. Senator Al Franken, taking time off from the laughs for a moment to cry about his own selflessness.

Who will win, who will lose? That's for YOU to decide. Polls are open now through the end of the week. You can vote up to once per day.

LOTY West Region Final
(1) Nancy Pelosi
(2) Sean Penn
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LOTY: Midwest Region Final
(1) Bill Maher
(2) Al Franken
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LOTY: East Region Final
(1) Al Gore
(3) David Letterman
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LOTY: Southeast Region Final
(1) Jimmy Carter
(2) Janeane Garofalo
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