Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lunar Eclipse

December Dementia rolls on with first round voting continuing until tomorrow. Even though most of the contests are rather lopsided at this point--with the leaders receiving vote totals usually only seen in Massachusetts elections involving people named Kennedy--we still encourage you to vote early and often. It ain't over until it's over and no concession speeches have been delivered yet (although rumor has it that Drew Barrymore's pretty much mailed hers in already). After the polling closes, the winners will be announced and voting in the second round will open on Monday. Those contests are shaping up to much more evenly matched and we expect to see more drama unfold next week. We don't have any personal stake in the outcome and leave it up the wisdom of the voters to determine the winners and losers. But the one thing we really hope for is that there's a clear winner in Al Franken's second round matchup. Don't think we're quite ready to handle another recount just yet.

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