Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Room At The Inn

Mark Krikorian reports on the latest angle in the battle to get illegal immigrants counted in the upcoming census at National Review Online:

One of the Census Bureau's "partners" has produced a poster urging Hispanics (illegal aliens, really) to be counted next year, just as the Holy Family went to Bethlehem to be counted.

There's one rather obvious flaw with the premise of this comparison as Krikorian notes:

Of course, whoever dreamed up this poster missed a basic point. To be counted, every person not living in his ancestral town had to RETURN there, as Joseph left Nazareth and headed south for Bethlehem. By the same token, one could suggest that illegal aliens should head south and return every one of them to his own city. Mexico, the home of most illegal aliens, is conducting its own census next year, after all.

The timing couldn't be better for illegal immigrants to go home and get counted.

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