Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bizarro Bowl

From the Seinfeld episode The Opposite:

George : Hey, I just found twenty dollars! I tell you this, something is happening in my life. I did this opposite thing last night. Up was down, black was white, good was--

Jerry: Bad.

George : Day was--

Elaine : Night.

George : Yes!

Jerry : So you just did the opposite of everything?

George : Yes. And listen to this, listen to this; her uncle works for the Yankees and he's gonna get me a job interview. A front office kind of thing. Assistant to the travelling secretary. A job with the New York Yankees! This has been the dream of my life ever since I was a child, and it's all happening because I'm completely ignoring every urge towards common sense and good judgment I've ever had. This is no longer just some crazy notion. Jerry, this is my religion.

Last week, I speculated that it was possible that both NFC wild card playoff games would be rematches of the last game of the regular season. That has now come to pass and in the AFC there's also a repeat matchup with the Jets again facing the Bengals this weekend (expect this time in Cincinnati). In order to handicap in these unusual circumstances, it's best to throw in-depth analysis to the wind and go with a simple system.

New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals. The Jets crushed the Bengals 37-0 in New York on Sunday. This time around it will be the Bengals pulling out a 20-17 win.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys. Dallas destroyed Philadelphia 24-0 on Sunday. The Eagles will reverse the outcome this time around and win 20-14.

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals. The Packers played their starters longer and clipped the Cards 33-7 on Sunday. But they might have tipped their hand and when the two meet again in the wild card playoffs, the Cardinals will prevail 27-23.

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots. While there is no repeat of the regular season end for these teams, they did meet in Week 4 at New England with the Patriots winning 27-21. Again, the tables will be turned and the Ravens will advance with a 31-17 triumph.


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