Friday, January 22, 2010

A Town Without Pity

In yesterday's WSJ, Allen Barra--snugly ensconced in a myopic East Coast elitist bubble--penned a piece whining about all the suffering that Jets fans have had to endure through the years. To Mr. Barra and other Jets fans here's a message from the frigid north of fly-over country: cry us a freakin' river. You know nothing of suffering because of your football team.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for you because you've only won one Super Bowl and that was like forty years ago? Ain't happening brother. Your one Super Bowl may seem like a distant memory these days, but at least you got that on your shelf. We here in the Northland got nothin'. And we've been a heck of a lot closer than you have for most of the last forty years. That's what real pain is all about. So stifle your tears. You'll find no pity here.

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