Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blame Canada

While I was disappointed that last night's Russia-Canada game wasn't more competitive, I was happy with the result. I'd rather see our neighbors to the North advance than the Russkies. When it comes down to it, you gotta want the North American game to prevail. At least I do.

As evidenced by this e-mail from a long time reader who shall remain anonymous, that sentiment is not necessarily shared by other American hockey fans:

F*** Canada. After watching the 1st period of their game vs. Russia, f*** Canada. F*** 'em. F*** those f***in' hosers. F***in' get a nuclear
weapon. Who's on your currency? June Cleaver? Don Sutton? F*** your pathetic neon-wearing 15 years behind the time fashion-clueless f***heads.

Niedermeyer? Dead. F***ers. ....just gettin' ready for the gold medal matchup.

Sounds like there could be something personal there "coloring" the e-mailer's views on Canada. With Slovakia's upset of Sweden last night and their thrashing of Russia, the road to the gold medal game now seems wide open for Canada. The US will have to get past a tough Finnish squad to get a chance to play for gold on Sunday. Although I'm not optimistic about their chances of besting Canada again, a US-Canada rematch would make for great drama. And throw a little more fuel on the "friendly" rivalry.

UPDATE-- James from Folsom e-mails to toss a match:

I have to confess, I am almost on the same page as your angry "F*** Canada" reader. For one, I am sick of all the "Canada is so much better than the US" crap I've heard for years. More importantly, I recall watching the US playing the hated Swiss at the World Juniors earlier this year (in Canuckistan) and the Canadian fans booed the US team mercilessly. So eff them.

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