Friday, February 19, 2010

Hanging Together

If you're an American of the conservative political persuasion, you probably believe that all in all, things are looking up for those who share your views. Especially compared to where conservatives were sitting just one year ago when it appeared that we would be facing a prolonged period of wandering in the political wilderness. When you consider that President Obama's major initiatives have now been stalled or stopped, the rise of the Tea Parties, the election outcomes in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and the way the 2010 election appears to be shaping up, conservatives could be justified in feeling cautiously optimistic that the tide has turned much sooner than anyone could have expected a year ago when President Obama and his fellow progressives appeared absolutely ascendant.

Thus, you might be surprised to read the opening 'graph in this morning's WSJ story on CPAC:

The divisions roiling American conservatives were on display Thursday at an annual gathering of activists, with the movement's emerging leaders directly challenging the Republican establishment.

Got it? There aren't just divisions within the movement, these divisions are ROILING American conservatives. Funny, I don't feel particularly "roiled" at the moment. Sure, there are differences between conservatives as there always are within any group, especially one brought together by political philosophies and principles. But, as the progressives discovered during the eight year regime of George W. Bush, it's amazing how shared opposition can bring you together.

There may be a lot of debate between conservatives about the best way forward--as again there always has been--but for the most part that debate appears to be healthy. At this point what unites conservatives--opposition to President Obama's progressive agenda--seems to be a heck of lot stronger than what divides us.

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