Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Every Man A King

In the biggest news coming out of MN House District 15B since Garrison Keillor mentioned it in an hilarious story about the electoral habits of Norwegian bachelor farmers, King Banaian has announced his candidacy for state office:

Banaian says he's ready to become an elected official. Flanked by GOP House members on Tuesday, Banaian criticized [Rep. Larry Haws] for supporting tax increases last year, and said lawmakers must stop treating taxpayers as a revenue source for state government.

"Let me go to St. Paul," Banaian said, "and tell them: The ATM is closed. You have taken enough."

King Banaian is one of the sharpest minds I've met in terms of economics and politics, not to mention a great guy overall. I suspect he's got an uphill battle against a long-term DFL incumbent in a district including a large college student and college employee electorate. But in this year of turmoil and reaction to Democrat overreach, maybe, just maybe, the voters will avail themselves of this opportunity for superior representation.

To get a jump on things, for a campaign slogan and song, let me suggest borrowing from the wildly popular Huey P. Long and this classic from 1935:

Yes, I realize the intro and lyrics are pretty much the exact opposite of everything King stands for. But the title is a killer and it's got a good beat the kids can relate to.

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