Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lesson Learned

If nothing else, today's peformance by the Democrat representatives in Congress offers the opportunity to internalize a concrete truth that is commonly fogged over in the course of a political campaign or debate. Quoting Mark Steyn again:

... isn't one of the lessons of the last weekend, where the fate of the
republic hinges on a jelly-spine squish like Ben Nelson, a terrible indictment
of the political culture of the United States, apart from anything else. But
doesn't it also tell you something -- I think as Jennifer Rubin over at
Commentary magazine said that when it comes to the last ditch, every Democrat is a liberal and they'll sign on to the bill regardless of what's in it.

Jim Oberstar was prime evidence of this yesterday. Remember, he caved on the issue of tax dollar funded abortions last night, even before this "executive order" protection business was even conceived of. But what about Bart Stupak? Over the last week his steadfast commitment to the pro-life cause was being hailed in conservative quarters. There was at least one man on the other side of the aisle who had integrity and commitment to principle. Is he the exception to the Steyn rule? Check out this video from some time ago, just now surfacing:

Amazingly flexible defintions of voting his conscience and staying true to principle. I guess that's how you sleep at night as a pro-life Democrat. I just wish he would have come clean about this to the national media earlier this week, we all could have been spared a lot of needless drama. Here's hoping the pro-life voters understand now and won't get fooled again.

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