Monday, March 15, 2010

The Road to Perdition

Charles J. Chaput, the archbishop of Denver, on Catholics, Health Care, and the Senate's Bad Bill:

The long, unpleasant and too often dishonest national health care debate is now in its last days. Its most painful feature has been those "Catholic" groups that by their eagerness for some kind of deal undercut the witness of the Catholic community and help advance a bad bill into a bad law. Their flawed judgment could now have damaging consequences for all of us.

Do not be misled. The Senate version of health care reform currently being pushed ahead by congressional leaders and the White House--despite public resistance and numerous moral concerns--is bad law; and not simply bad, but dangerous. It does not deserve, nor does it have, the support of the Catholic bishops in our country, who speak for the believing Catholic community. In its current content, the Senate version of health care legislation is not "reform." Catholics and other persons of good will concerned about the foundations of human dignity should oppose it.

Ardent, practicing Catholics like Nancy Pelosi for example.

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