Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Role Model

Rare is the occasion when you hear someone describe a positive experience when dealing with the government. But it's only fair that we point out the good while we complain about the bad. While the former may not be as commonplace as the latter when it comes to government, we should acknowledge those instances when government does indeed work.

My experience renewing my passport today was one of those instances. There was no waiting when I arrived at one of the Hennepin County service centers near my workplace. The gent who processed my request was professional and courteous. He explained the steps in the process, answered my questions, and ensured that I left as a satisfied customer. And I don't think the entire interaction took more than five minutes.

Despite the lamentations that emanate from the left, conservatives really don't want to "burn government down" or "privatize" everything. We just want government to stick to those things that it should and can do best. Renewing my passport is one of those things, managing my health care is not.