Monday, May 03, 2010

Don't Trust Anyone Over Three

Our middle son turns three today. While he's excited about certain aspects of his birthday--the pirate themed cake and presents especially--he doesn't like to talk about his age. We've been telling him for a while that when his birthday came around this year, he would go from being two to three. He isn't exactly thrilled about the prospect.

For most young kids, getting older can't seem to come soon enough (much to their parent's silent sadness). Our older son loves to talk about how he's going to get to do this and this and get that and this other thing when he turns five (a rude reality check lies in wait). He can't wait for his next birthday and looks forward to becoming 25% older (numerically speaking).

Not so with the one in the middle. Whenever we spoke about his impending birthday or asked him how old he was going to be, he would become defensive and shut down the conversation. One time, when we told him that he would be three-years-old, he shot back, "I don't want to get old." Short in years, long in wisdom? Maybe he's just on to the aging thing a little sooner than most. From a parent's perspective, we share his sentiments as we're probably having a harder time accepting that he's three than he is. Wasn't he just born last…

Happy birthday son. Remember, age is just a number.