Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mother of All Beer Weeks

Today marks the beginning of American Craft Beer Week:

Beer lovers, craft brewers, homebrewers, beer distributors, retailers, and even U.S. Congress are all making special plans for the annual American Craft Beer Week taking place across the country May 17-23. The "Mother of All Beer Weeks, " organized by the Brewers Association, celebrates small and independent craft brewers and highlights all that America loves about craft beer. In 2006, the week became the largest national effort focusing on American craft brewers and remains so today.

Now some of us already drink as if every week was American Craft Beer Week, but there's something about craft beer for everyone to celebrate from the novice to the hard core beer geeks. Especially here in Minnesota, where local brewers, liquor stores, and bars will celebrate the first ever Minnesota Craft Beer Week. It's always a good time for good beer, this week especially.