Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor 2010 Elections Update

Time is running out for those of you who would like to do your part for soil and water as a county Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. The filing period for the fall elections closes at 5 PM on Tuesday June 1.

If you are looking for an easy elective office to win, it is best to look elsewhere. The Twin City metro area races are already looking to be hotly contested with candidates filed for 15 of 16 races. (If you are looking for an easy race, consider a run for the Ramsey County Hospital District Board -- as of Saturday afternoon, there were no candidates filed for any of the three seats up for election this fall. Election to this office might look good on your application to be on one of the future Obamacare Death Panels.)

Rest assured that Fraters Libertas, unlike the mainstream media, will continue to offer full coverage of the metro area Soil and Water Conservation District races.

Here are the candidates who have filed for the races in the seven county metro area:

Hennepin County:
District 2
Amber Collett
Lora Jones
Greg T. Kryzer

District 4

Alex Farrell
David Rickert
Richard Strong

Ramsey County:
District 1
Janelle Anderson
Paige Wein

District 2
Gary Carlson
Mark A. Roosevelt
Robert J. “Bob” Simonet
Carrie J. Wasley

Anoka County:
District 3
John Ragan Anderson
Sandra Delaforest (Incumbent)

District 4
Mary Jo Truchon (Incumbent)

Carver County:
District 4
Jedd A. Braunwarth
Mark Zabel (Incumbent)

District 5
Robert Burandt (Incumbent)

Scott County:
District 4
James Fitzsimmons (Incumbent)
Ryan Love

District 5
Gary Hartmann
Jim Schwingler (Incumbent)

Dakota County:
District 1
Diane Blake
Scott A. Holm (Incumbent)
John Ross

District 2 Special Election
Anthony Nelson

District 3
Kevin Chamberlain (Incumbent)

Washington County:
District 1
Gary H. Baumann (Incumbent)

District 3
No candidates filed

District 5
Dan Unger