Monday, May 03, 2010

A Torch To Guide The Way

The 2010 Jason Lewis Tax Cut Rally:

It's time once again time for our annual Tax Cut Rally, Minnesota's largest gathering of conservatives. Over 6,000 people attended last year's rally and this year we are expecting an even larger crowd. We have been doing this over a decade, making us Minnesota's original tea party so to speak.

Even in a recession, the tax-and-spenders are still after your pocketbook. We are currently witnessing an unprecedented assault on our freedoms by a massive expansion of government. Now more than ever its critical for people to show-up and make their voices be heard.

This year's rally will include over 50 exhibitors, food vendors, a freedom shrine and a top line-up of speakers. Bring the entire family and help show your kids the importance of being engaged in the public policy process. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 8th at the Minnesota State Capitol.