Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bowling Alone

While I'd like to think that I still have many years of chasing the little black biscuit around the ice ahead of me, I realize that at some point in time I will have to hang up the skates for good. When that day does come, I think I've identifed my fallback favorite sport to participate in. In Deference to World Cup, Lawn Bowling Tones It Down:

The idea that lawn-bowling might pose a threat to the world's biggest team-sport spectacle might sound far-fetched. Bowling, after all, is a pastime where players often sip whiskey and smoke cigarettes on the field. But as in cricket and rugby—but not in soccer—South Africa is a global powerhouse in lawn bowling.


After 90 minutes of play, a woman named Roz rang the tea bell, signaling it was time for a break. The men came inside and sipped some tea, but mostly stuck with whiskey. The whiskey was provided by the club's major sponsor, Scottish Leader whiskey, which has been supporting lawn bowling in South Africa for 31 years.


After the day's bowling finished, players retired inside, where cigarette smoke hung over plates of shepherd's pie and cupcakes decorated in the colors of the South African flag.

Players from the winning team—competing under the name Switzerland—each won $80 and a bottle of whiskey.