Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Fargo Connection

A very special event is coming up soon at Keegan's Irish Pub:

The pub is holding our first ever "NODAK NIGHT" on Friday, July 23. We are encouraging everyone with a North Dakota conection, of any kind, to come in and mingle with other North Dakotans. We are offering the first drink free for anyone with a connection.

A free drink? Let's see, when I was a youth we had a connection who used to hook us up with fireworks from North Dakota (the good stuff). Does that count? Actually I'm sure the five years I served lived (minus summers off for good behavior) in Grand Forks would qualify me for said bargain.

Getting a free pop from Terry Keegan is a rare opportunity and one that I normally would plan on savoring. However, the date for NODAK Night is also the day when my eldest son turns five, so I will not be able to take advantage of it. I imagine some other local scribblers will, as you can hardly swing a dead prairie dog around the Twin Cities blogosphere without hitting someone with a North Dakota connection such as James Lileks, Mitch Berg, or Bill Tuomala.

If the lure of a free drink isn't enough to hook you, I also understand that Keegan's will be serving Everclear punch and lefse. Attendees are encouraged to wear jeans (no matter how frickin' hot it is that day), but leave their belt buckles at home as they tend to interfere with the satellite dish and cell phone reception at the Pub.