Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Ray of Hope for Twins Fans

These are dreary days indeed for the Minnesota Twins faithful. After leading the AL Central most of the season, the Twins have now fallen a few games behind both the Tigers and White Sox. Twins pitchers can’t keep the ball in the park and the hitters can’t hit it out.

But there is a ray of hope.

I had a suspicion that the Twins have had a difficult schedule to date, so I spent the afternoon compiling the data while watching today’s game (the distraction was welcome). It turns out that I was correct; the Twins have had a much more difficult schedule so far than they have remaining. Overall, the Twins opponents have a .499 winning percentage (through Friday’s games). The teams in the games they’ve played already played have a combined .510 winning percentage while the remaining schedule has a .487 winning percentage.

The Tigers have nearly the opposite schedule. Overall, their opponents have a .492 winning percentage, broken down to .483 for games they’ve already played and .502 for remaining games.

The White Sox have the easiest schedule, .490 overall, .495 for games they’ve played and .486 for those remaining.

Of course, if they don’t start playing better, it won't matter if they're playing the Saint Paul Saints.

The Elder Adds: Do the Twins get to play all of their seventy-four games after the All Star break at Target Field against the Indians and Royals? That would give us real reason for hope.

Atomizer Sez: Do the Twins get to play all of their seventy-four games after the All Star break without the burden of idiot manager Ron Gardenhire? That would give us REAL reason for hope.