Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Face Off

This past week's coverage of the Minnesota gubernatorial election in the local media made it apparent that this fellow will be a constant companion for us all the way to November:

No, I'm not talking about Tom Emmer. At least not all of Tom Emmer. I'm talking just about his face, and only in a particular mood. The Tom Emmer Angry Face. AKA, the TEA Face. (Lefties and perverts Googling for the TEA bagger face should move along, you've come to the wrong place.)

The Star Tribune especially has a fondness for variations of it on their Web site. They don't always use the image in the articles they write about him. But it's the style of picture they typically use on the front page of StarTribune.com, promoting Gubernatorial race articles that lie within.

Decades of observations of the Star Tribune lead me to believe this isn't accidental. Of course, it's a way for their laughing boy photo editors to slant the coverage on the cheap. To subtly remind readers that there may be something wrong with the Republican candidate. He just isn't Minnesota nice, like say, Amy Klobuchar or Mark Dayton. He just might be angry, raging, fiery, chest-thumping, nasty, and thick-necked with a pudgy face (adjectives all appearing in this Star Tribune piece about Tom Emmer during the state GOP convention).

There's not a lot that can be done about it. It's what the local lefty media does and they do it well. But in the interest of Equal Time and the Fairness Doctrine, I think we have to treat other candidates the same way. Which is why I'm happy to announce our new stock photograph for all future Betty McCollum blog posts:

This is especially fortuitous timing too, given the title of tomorrow's big Fraters Libertas story.

Is Betty McCollum a Muslim?

Which will be followed up later this week with:

Why is Betty McCollum Cavorting Around with King Banaian at a Posh Mountain Retreat?

Stay tuned to Fraters Libertas for all the breaking news on these important stories.

Tom Emmer's "Get off my lawn!" face will be immortalized in at least one seed art piece at the State Fair.

THE ELDER ADDS: For the record, this is our official stock Mark Dayton photo to be used in all posts that mention him: