Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Targeted Giving

Minnesota's own (at least during the warm months of summer) Gary Larson looks at the real reasons why Target is being boycotted by groups like MoveOn.org and why companies like Target got involved in Minnesota politics in the first place in a piece at The Intellectual Conservative:

That Target favors a candidate who wants lower taxes, particularly the state's excessive corporate income tax, is a slam dunk. My state's corporate tax rate, 9.8% at the top, is third highest in the nation. (That is well above the national average of 6.6%, according to the Tax Foundation.) Truth be told, Minnesota as a high-tax state is likely the prime reason that Best Buy, Polaris, Regis and other Minnesota-based corporations chipped in to the pro-business Minnesota Advantage campaign. (No boycott, though, of other companies giving to Minnesota Advance. Only Target is targeted. Why would make for interesting speculation.)

Under the surface of its "anti-gay" rhetoric, the MoveOn folks might loathe candidate Emmer, a lawyer and state representative, as anti-abortion. He's also against restrictive gun legislation in this hunter-happy state. And get this! Emmer has tossed out ideas to reshape state minimum wage law exemptions to create more jobs for youth. Thus to inflame only self-serving unions. He has also authored legislation, unsuccessful in a Democrat-held Legislature, to exempt the state from restrictive federal gun laws. Tsk. Tsk!