Friday, September 24, 2010

I'll Take Manhatten

I see our fine local blogging community is doing the fact checking our local media will not do. No, I'm not talking about opening up legally sealed divorce records and expunged records or scouring the FaceBook pages of candidates' children for incriminating dirt. When it comes to Republican candidates, they have inexhaustible resources for these kind of stories.

Instead, I'm talking about basic background checks of a guy who has been a public figure and elected candidate for decades in Minnesota. Any time an election comes up, Mark Dayton touts his experience as a "public school teacher in New York City for 2 years." He uses this as a hedge against the impression of him a millionaire trust fund baby who is out of touch with the real America. For example, this from the bio page of his 2010 Gubernatorial campaign web site:

After college, I taught 9th grade general science for two years in a New York City public school. It was the toughest job I’ve ever had!

However, according to Luke Hellier, those two years turned out to be 89 days working as a substitute teacher then about half a school year as a full teacher before he resigned mid-term. I suppose this product of Blake and Yale deserves some credit for doing any time among us unwashed public school types. But "it was the toughest 89 days and change I ever had!" doesn't excactly have the impact.

Yet that's not the biggest finding of the documents uncovered regarding Mark Dayton's employment by the NYC school system. Look closely at his form letter resignation declaration, in the spot reserved for the "Borough" location of his school, written in (presumably) his own hand is: "Manhatten".

Not Brookland. Not Statin Island. He worked in Manhatten.

I know this pales in comparison to the overwhelming idiocy of spelling "potatoe". But I expect more from a private school graduate.