Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Minnesota Voters Exposed

Even in the current political atmosphere, which is toxic for the Democrat brand, Exhibit A on why the DFL has hope in Minnesota:

Woman cited for indecent exposure at the Moorhead Walgreens

Moorhead Police say 37-year old Katherine Watson, who also uses the last name Engebretson, walked into the store around 6 last night wearing only a partial towel, thong, pasties on her breasts, and whipped cream on part of her buttocks.

Store employees say she walked in quietly off of Main Avenue and was waiting in line to buy some cans of shaving cream when police came in and escorted her outside. She was cited for indecent exposure.

“She said that she was just trying to make a statement, she wanted to draw attention to herself, which certainly she did and that she was a free thinker and that she didn't want people to conform to society's rules."

Granted, she (probably) doesn't represent a majority of Minnesota public opinion. But there are at least 312 people in Highland Park alone who consider this woman a progressive thought leader who expanded their consciences about the false limitations of society's norms. And they all voted for Al Franken.