Tuesday, September 07, 2010

You Got Nothin' To Lose

Not only has James Lileks' name been appearing on the prestigious back page of National Review of late, he's now been added to the roster for the National Review Post-Election Cruise:

One would think that the enthusiasm for any event peaks and then declines. Not so with the National Review 2010 Post-Election Caribbean Cruise. Last week 13 more cabins were booked. The pace does not abate.

You can see in the ad that runs to the right of NR‘s blogs that our saling's speaker line-up is superior. Well, we've just made it-- superior-ier. We are happy to announce that the wise and witty James Lileks will be joining us on the High Seas this November 14-21, mixing and mingling with our happy contingent (now over 700!) as we discuss the recent elections and the future of conservativism and America.

Not bad for a guy from Fargo. I expect we'll see lots of references to Titanic and The Poisedon Adventure in James' reports from the sea.