Monday, October 04, 2010

2010 Soil and Water Endorsements: Anoka County

The Hennepin County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor endorsements took a lot out of us, so we take a bit of a break by considering the far less controversial Anoka County races.

Both incumbents are running for re-election in Anoka County, Mary Jo Truchon is running unopposed in District 4, while Sandra DeLaForest is facing two challengers in District 3.

Anoka County District 3 (Incumbent Sandra De La Forest)
In the third district, incumbent Sandra De La Forest is facing spirited challenges from John Ragan Anderson and Karl Tingelstad.

John Ragan Anderson
John Ragan Anderson has pledged to serve only one term, raising concern that he will become a lame duck immediately upon taking office. We also worry that he is pandering to voters through use of his middle name “Ragan”. The name Ragan/Reagan does carry a certain weight in soil and water circles. The late Maryjane Reagan won election to the Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation board three times after changing her name to Reagan.

On the plus side, Mr. Anderson is the Chairman of the House District 50A Republicans and unlike most other candidates, doesn’t seem to be fixated on water to the exclusion of soil.

If Mr. Anderson were running in Hennepin or Ramsey counties, he would be an easy choice. But as we move out to the suburbs, the candidates do seem stronger. It is a close call, but no endorsement for you, John Ragan Anderson.

John Ragan Anderson’s campaign website is here.

Karl Tingelstad
Karl Tingelstad is a licensed Peddler/Solicitor (section 5.06) who has lived in Fridley his entire life.

We don’t care for Mr. Tingelstad’s answer to question 4 of the MASWCD questionnaire:
“I believe a combination is the best... We must educate people so they understand and want to use best management practices, but by using government regulations these BMPs will be enforced.”

Mr. Tingelstad seems far too eager to throw around the regulatory power of the Soil and Water Conservation board, so no endorsement for you, Karl Tingelstad.

Sandra DeLaForest
This is a tough year for incumbents, but the Fraters Libertas Soil and Water Endorsement Board does not necessarily hold incumbency against a candidate.

Sandra DeLaForest was elected to the Anoka County board in 2006 and is Vice Chair. Like our own Chad the Elder, Ms. DeLaForest was a supporter of Marty Seifert for Governor. She also has perfect attendance in the meetings for which I checked the minutes (all of 2009 and most of 2010). We could find no compelling reason to deny Sandra DeLaForest another term.

Fraters Libertas endorses Sandra De La Forest for Anoka County District 3 Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.

Anoka County District 4 (Incumbent Mary Jo Truchon)
Mary Jo Truchon
Incumbent Mary Jo Truchon is running unopposed in district 4, but that does not mean we will automatically endorse her without scrutinizing her record.

Ms. Truchon has left an mp3 trail at the Coon Creek Watershed district website. Here is a transcript from one of the mp3s:

“I’m a real ‘up with women’ person because ... and my kids ask me … why are you even concerned I mean, women can do anything they want? Thank God you think that. You know we accomplished some things.

Women have a whole different way of looking at government as they do with any business where you encounter a woman leader or manager. Women have a different style and I’m not saying this to be down on men. It is only a whole different way to look at things. I’ve been in many meetings where I’ll bring up things that guys have never thought of. They probably have me on many things too. Just to put that other point of view into some decision making.”

Some people might find the playing of the gender card off-putting, but Ms. Truchon does convince us that another point of view is beneficial in decision making. Since the Anoka County board already has 4 women and only one man, we obviously need more male perspective on the board. No endorsement for you, Mary Jo Truchon.

Fraters Libertas endorses writing in Mike Castle for Anoka County District 4 Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.

Stay tuned, maybe our endorsements for your county will be next!

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