Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Soil and Water Endorsements: Dakota County

There are three seats up for grabs on the Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation board. Four candidates each are vying for the district 1 and district 2 seats, while incumbent Kevin Chamberlain is running unopposed in district 3.

Dakota County District 1 (Incumbent Scott A. Holm)
Diane Blake
About all we know about Diane Blake is what we can discern from her twitter account. Unfortunately, she has only four updates – the most recent announcing her filing for this office.

In twitter, she follows the Republican candidate for State Senate in district 57, Karin Housley, who is a favorite of our own Brian “Saint Paul” Ward. But, she also follows Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak, who is not a favorite of our own Brian “Saint Paul” Ward.

Scott A. Holm (Incumbent)
District 1 incumbent Scott A. Holm is apparently not satisfied serving on the soil and water board. In 2008, he ran for Dakota County commissioner, getting trounced 79%-20% by an AFSCME endorsed candidate, Thomas Egan. There is no telling how much that pathetic showing is now costing Dakota County tax payers.

The good news for Mr. Holm is that he is unlikely to run into the AFSCME buzz saw in the soil and water race …

John Ross
Uh oh, never mind that. Challenger John Ross is claiming to be endorsed by AFSCME. Everyone knows that Fraters Libertas and AFSCME do not endorse the same candidates and Mr. Ross has apparently made his choice.

Thomas A. Willenbring
Is a financial consultant and sound engineer. He is also Treasurer of GOP Senate District 57. Mr. Willenbring”s Facebook friends include Craig Westover, Laura Brod, Pat Anderson, and other conservatives.

On the minus side, he does not seem to have much soil or water experience and lists Avatar among his favorite movies, twice.

In the hopes that he will grow in office, Fraters Libertas endorses Thomas A. Willenbring for Dakota County District 1 Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.

Dakota County District 3 (Incumbent Kevin Chamberlain)
Kevin Chamberlain (Incumbent)
We couldn’t find out much about this Kevin Chamberlain (our google search was overwhelmed by some actor with the same name). Since he’s running unopposed, we’ll go ahead and endorse Kevin Chamberlain for Dakota County District 3 Soil and Water Supervisor.

Dakota County District 2 Special Election
Doug (Tip) Tipka
Little could be found out about Doug (Tip) Tipka besides the fact that he didn’t bother to fill out his MASWCD or Star Tribune questionnaires and his nickname is “Tip”. This reminds us of Tip O’Neill, so we can’t endorse him.

Dan Kuykendall
We also could not find out much about Dan Kuykendall. What is wrong with you people? If you are going to go to the trouble of paying the $20 dollar fee and filing for office, at least fill out the damn MASWCD questionnaire. It wouldn’t kill you to do something interesting that shows up in one of the first pages of a google search, either. All we know about Dan Kuykendall is that he has the same name as a Tennessee Congressman who died in 2008. Democracy needs information, Dan Kuykendall, Tip Tipka, and all you other stealth soil and water candidates. It is hard enough finding information on soil and water races, so how about a little help, here.

Anthony Nelson
Kudos to Anthony Nelson for filling out his MASWCD questionnaire! He is a printer and friend of the Mississippi river. One of the strengths that Mr. Nelson brings to the board is: “A willingness to be available for any meetings or whatever is needed of me at any time.” Hmm, maybe we’re not missing out on all that much when candidates don’t fill out their questionnaires.

Jason Swenson

Jason Swenson was appointed to the soil and water board after the sudden death of the previous supervisor. Mr. Swenson is a Civil Engineer who is employed by Scott County as a Water Resources Engineer. While Mr. Swenson has more water than soil experience (all too common on many boards) we believe that he deserves election. Fraters Libertas endorses Jason Swenson for Dakota County District 2 Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.