Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bush Lied! Pixels Died!

It's a fact, after Vietnam, the anti-war left has proclaimed that any military action involving the United States will devolve into a quagmire.

Meanwhile, the video game industry moved on from the simple video games of the 1990's and developed live action role playing games around recent military engagements. So it isn't a surprise to see this kind of review from panning Electronic Arts' new Medal of Honor:

With serious stability and performance issues on console, level design that tends more toward turkey shoot than firefight, and a story and characters that stumble in their attempts at relevance and pathos, Medal of Honor walks into a quagmire it never really escapes from.

The next generation of gamers will be dispatched on their mission by a smirking chimp-like simpleton daring them to join with us or be against us.