Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goliath Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Since 2001, the New York Yankees have lost playoff series or the World Series to the following teams:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Indians
Detroit Tigers
Florida Marlins
Los Angeles Angels (2x)
Texas Rangers

During that same time, the Minnesota Twins have lost four playoff series against the Yankees, winning two games and losing twelve (including nine in a row).

The notion that the Twins are some small market David hopelessly overmatched against the powerful Yankee Goliath is still spouted by apologists for the local team. The reality is that the Yankees have been very beatable over the last decade as evidenced by the number of teams that have had playoff success against them. The fact that the Twins have not says far more about their own failings than it does about the supposed invincibility of their foe.

Atomizer Sez:
I'm still way too angry to comment on the local team's inability to play like men. More later.