Saturday, October 09, 2010

Northern Alliance Radio Network

The Northern Alliance Radio Network is back in full effect this morning LIVE at 11 AM. John Hinderaker and I breaking down and sifting through all the news that's fit to broadcast for your listening convenience.

A couple of exciting guests today. First, at 11:30, the infamous Dr. No. Yes, the President of the Taxpayer's League of Minnesota, and James Bond villian, Phil Krinkie. In real life, he's a former state legislator and chairman of the House Tax Committee and he'll apply his expertise to the budget plans of our three gubernatorial candidates. And he'll discuss the Tax Payer Protection Pledge that all legislative candidates are being asked to sign. Are the people begging you for your vote this year on board? Check it out here.

Then at 12 noon, our old buddy King Banaian returns to the Salem broadcasting airwaves. He's on hiatus from the King Banaian Show. But it's an excused absence,, as he's running for the State House of Reprsenstative in District 15B. You can check out his impressive campaign platform and policy statements at his web site, King for House. We'll check in with King to see what he's learning on the campaign trail and get his thoughts on what needs to be done in the state to get our financial house in order.

Plus Loon of the Week and This Week in Gatekeeping. Should be a fun show.

The NARN First Team starts at 11AM (central). Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey with NARN 2.

The Northern Alliance Radio Network is heard locally on AM1280 the Patriot. And streaming LIVE worldwide at the web site. Call in and join the action at 651-289-4488. Don't you dare miss it.