Saturday, October 30, 2010

Northern Alliance Radio Network

Tune in today at 11AM for a very special episode of The Northern Alliance Radio Network. John continues his quest to "find himself" while travelling the backroads of America, clinging to his gun and religion. While Brian gallantly tries to put the pieces together from the shattered remains of once was called "The First Team".

In non-Lifetime movie of the week parlance, John remains out on assignment, but the show goes on. And a loaded program it will be. A candidate blitz spectactular in this last show before the elections on Tuesday. Scheduled to appear so far:

11:00 - Teresa Collett, candidate in CD4
11:15 - Erik Paulsen, Congressman from CD3
11:30 - State Auditor candidate Pat Anderson

11:45 - Secretary of State Candidate Dan Severson
12:00 - Attorney General candidate Chris Barden
12:30 - King Banaian, candidate in MN House district 15B

More invites are out, so some surprises may be in store as well. Mitch and Ed continue the fun with another blitz of candidates, including Tom Emmer between 1-3PM.

Plus Loon of the Week and This Week in Gatekeeping. And perhaps a discussion of the Top 11 Explanations for Mark Dayton's Facial Gestures.

The NARN First Team starts at 11AM (central). Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey with NARN 2, the Headlighter edition.

The Northern Alliance Radio Network is heard locally on AM1280 the Patriot. And streaming LIVE worldwide at the web site. Call in and join the action at 651-289-4488. Don't you dare miss it.