Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Return of Ralphie

Breaking News: Everybody's favorite bobble head mascot whose looks are disturbingly similar to a well-known nationally syndicated talk radio shock jock is back. That's right folks, our Ralphie has returned.

Now technically speaking he's not the same Ralphie who was doll-napped some years ago by radical Presbyterians. This version is Ralphie 2.0, better, stronger, and faster than the original. Just as there was more than one Lassie (sorry to break it to you this way Atomizer), there is (and will be) more than one Ralphie. But having more than one collie assume the role of Lassie didn't prevent the namesake from becoming America's national dog, so having multiple versions will not diminish the natural appeal of Ralphie.

Unfortunately, like his predecessors, the new Ralphie has problems keeping his glasses intact. The journey from the laboratory in the hinterlands of California where he was created to his new home in Minnesota was not without incident and when Ralphie emerged from his comfortable Styrofoam packing, his glassed were already smashed. A rough ride? An icicle? Or perhaps our hero one again neglected to follow the oft offered advice and did indeed shoot his eye out.

In any event, his body and soul are still intact. Here's a shot of him relaxing with a tall beverage. (Note the shattered glasses)

And this time, he is not alone. Making the perilous journey along with bobble head Ralphie, was his good buddy Deep Space Ralphie. He's a leaner, meaner model of the Ralphie line and he's prepared to boldly go where no Ralphie has gone before. We recently caught up with him hanging out with his partner in crime, the Generalissimo:

What does the future hold for our dynamic duo of dolls? Only time will tell, although I wouldn't be surprised if a trip to the theater was on tap. Welcome back Ralphie.