Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Too Much of A Good Thing?

It's hard to beat today it terms of hot topics on the local scene:

- Newt Gingrich was in town for a fundraiser.

- Randy Moss is coming back to town.

- And the Yankees are in town to open the ALDS tonight at Target Field.

And yet not one of the august cadre of bloggers here at Fraters Libertas saw fit to so much as post a peep on any of these developments? The only possible explanation is that we were all simply overwhelmed by the abundant opportunities, unable to decide which one to focus on, and so driven to paralysis and inaction. Yeah, that's the ticket.

SISYPHUS CHIMES IN: I have been busy researching the Washington County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor races, but I do strongly endorse the return of Randy Moss. After all, I am not a Minneapolis traffic cop.

THE ELDER RESPONDS: I figure you were busy retrofitting your Favre jersey by adding an eight to reflect the return of Randy.