Monday, November 08, 2010

But That Train Keeps A Rollin'

Sharp eyed readers have probably already noticed the addition of a new name among the crack scribbling staff here at Fraters Libertas. I invited this particular individual on board as a contributor over two weeks ago and his first productive output appeared yesterday as he broke down the electoral results from California. Based on this level of responsiveness and initiative, he should fit right in with the rest of the crew.

He goes by the rather intriguing moniker "James in Folsom." Exhaustive investigation has determined that the root of this riddle-like appellation is that his first name is indeed James and he lives in Folsom, California. Now you know the rest of the story.

We're always interested in expanding our diversity here at Fraters Libertas. On the surface, James' white (actually alarmingly pale) skin color, conservative political views, and love of hockey would not exactly appear to be pushing the envelope in that regard. But he is from California and we're cognizant enough to recognize that in addition to demography, geography is also destiny in its own way. While most of the mainstream media is shrinking its presence in foreign outposts, we're actually increasing ours. In addition to that, James is a lawyer and it's about time that members of that long neglected profession had a chance to share their views with the public.

So please welcome James on board and encourage his efforts. In recent years, there appears to be an inverse relationship between number of contributors we have on staff and the number of posts we produce. We hope that the addition of James reverses that trend and he doesn't become one of those two-hit wonders currently residing in the "where are they now?" bin.

And for more on the sad state of Golden State and how the rest of the country feels about it, read Allysia Finley's California Is the Lindsay Lohan of States and Sacramento Shouldn't Expect a Bailout. Sorry James, you're on your own.