Monday, November 22, 2010

California Dreaming

As I sit here late in the evening while all you hard working Minnesotans are sleeping and dreaming of how you are Happy to Pay for a Better Minnesota, I grind m,y teeth over the weak comparison of Minnesota politics to California.

We have a California blogger (Zombietime) based in San Francisco (I believe) who routinely attends and photographs protests and other bizarre events in San Francisco. I won't link to the specifics, but suffice to say I can guarantee that you'll see nothing as disgusting and reprehensible as you can see in the glorious City by the Bay. I bring this up because while 'Fricso' (the locals HATE that)will issue permits and allow the most disgusting debauchery you can imagine (and, trust me, more than you can imagine), this fine city voted to ban Happy Meals and bottled water.

To summarize. Oral sex in public with a government permit? Perfectly fine. Happy Meals and bottled water? Not so much.

The Elder Moons For Rebuttal: You're a pastie-faced guy who loves hockey and is even willing to admit to being a Vikings fan. So why not just get it over with and move to Minnesota already? Our state is not likely the first choice for most refugees fleeing the collapse of California, but you'd fit right in here.