Monday, November 29, 2010

District 15B to Legislature: King Me!

Breaking news out of St. Cloud, the new state representative from District 15B is ....... (royal fanfare), King Banaian. The recount is done and for once, it seems, a Democrat wasn't able to find the extra votes needed to win.

As I said when he announced his candidacy in March, King is one of the sharpest minds in terms of economics and politics that I've ever met. And how can you not like a politician who ran using this theme:

"Let me go to St. Paul," Banaian said, "and tell them: The ATM is closed. You have taken enough."

Heh, I still love that. The new GOP leadership should arrange to have King announce that immediately before they gavel in the first session (or ring the bell or blow the fog horn or whatever it is they do).

King may be the only candidate in St. Paul who I'm 100% certain will protect the taxpayer's interests in all of his voting decisions. It's a great day for Minnesota. And an even greater day for Macedonia and Egypt. (Jokes!)

In all seriousness, Congratulations to King. A deserving candidate and great guy, looking forward to four two years of wise and benevolent rule.