Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fraters Libertas Election Live Blog

Most of the Fraters crew is gathered to watch the election returns at the Fraters Libertas World Headquarters. Live blogging to commence until celebration gets out of hand.

7:40 PM:
Webster defeats Grayson! Brian "St. Paul" Ward lamenting a future lack of Loons of the Week.

7:49 PM:
Giannoulias up 2-1 over Kirk? Most of the returns must be from heavily Democrat cemeteries.

7:54 PM: Fraters Consensus: Learned Foot is sucking up by twittering that he voted for only incumbent judges.

7:58 PM: Fraters Consensus: Sarah Palin doesn't look her best tonight.

8:01 PM: John Thune!!!! WINS

8:06 PM: Rand Paul acceptance speech. Brian "St. Paul" Ward: "I love Rand Paul!" Nihilist in Golf Pants: "Rand Paul is hardcore!"

8:08 PM: Entire Fraters crew is now here except for the Crazy Uke.

8:09 PM: We have now turned on the Patriot to see if Mitch and Ed have projected Demos victorious over Ellison.

8:12 PM: Nihilist in Golf Pants keeps insisting that Shannon Bream is Megyn Kelly.

8:15 PM: Toomey losing, Haley losing, Kasich losing, Buck losing, Olbermann looking happy. Panic starting to set in here.

8:18 PM: Ed Schulz accuses Rand Paul of "dictating".

8:20 PM: Kasich pulled even with Strickland. Some relief here.

8:26 PM: Minnesota Governor first results: Emmer 0% Dayton 0% Horner 0%

8:27 PM: Atomizer now kind of wishing he had blogged on Real World participant turned GOP House candidate Sean Duffy.

8:29 PM: JB Doubtless declares first hairpiece of the night: Louisiana Senate candidate, Democrat Charlie Melancon:

8:33 PM: Fraters Consensus: We like Martha McCallum.

8:34 PM: Nihilist in Golf Pants: "I would like to see Michelle Bachmann and Taryl Clark wrestle in the blood of the poor. I am not going to tweet that, but you can attribute it to me and I can deny it later."

8:41 PM: Fraters Consensus: Bristol Palin should be voted off "Dancing With the Stars".

8:46 PM: JB Doubltless: DNC Chairman Tim Kaine not wearing a wig. JB's hairpiece calls are 100% non-partisan.

8:55 PM: Erik Paulsen wins!

8:56 PM: Brian "St. Paul" Ward despondent over McCollum's lead in MN CD 4. He had been told that it was close. JB despondent that he will continue to be represented by Walz.

9:00 PM: Fraters Consensus: Dayton will win and Seifert would have been a better candidate. PANIC!!!! Demos losing by 50 points.

9:03 PM: Fraters Consensus: We would vote for Randy Moss before Alan Page for the Minnesota Supreme Court.

9:06 PM: Fraters Consensus: Megyn Kelly is gorgeous. Horrified screams when Fox abruptly cut to Greta.

9:09 PM: Mark Ritchie wins 100%-0.

9:11 PM: Brian "St. Paul" Ward: "If King Banaian doesn't win, I'm moving to Armenia!"

9:16 PM: JB Doubtless hairpiece alert: Jon Oleson IP candidate in MN CD 3.

9:23 PM: Bad news from 15B, first precinct returning, King losing 58-44.

9:29 PM: Where is Michael Barone?

9:31 PM: Cheers go up when Ron Johnson is declared victorious over Feingold. Brian "St. Paul" ward planning move across the river. Why can Wisconsin elect the occasional Republican, but not Minnesota?

9:42 PM: JB, St. Paul, and the Nihilist are now obsessed with the Great Gazoo. Don't ask.

9:44 PM: With 4 of 22 precincts reporting, King Banaian is now down 19 votes. Could be a late night.

9:55 PM: Toomey down 22,000 with 81% reporting.

10:00 PM: Atomizer: "I want Tim McCarver dead!" Debating baseball announcers now.

10:01 PM: Chad the Elder: "Mark Dayton is a zombie and he's going to be our Governor."

10:05 PM: Chad the Elder: "You know you're down on the totem pole when they send you to Tom Horner's headquarters."

10:11 PM: Kasich now up by over 100k and Toomey now leading by 30k.

10:13 PM: Cheer goes up as Michelle Bachmann declared victorious.

10:15 PM: JB Doubtless: "Michelle Bachmann is &*&($# hot tonight!"

10:17 PM: Michelle Bachmann totally bitchslapped Chris Matthews.

10:32 PM: Toomey wins! Kasich pulling ahead! Other states can can have competent elected officials, why not Minnesota?

10:36 PM: MSNBC declares Republicans carry the House!

10:45 PM: Looking dismal for many of the Fraters Libertas Soil and Water endorsees. What is the matter with you idiot voters?

10:50 PM: The six of us Fraters here all live in a different Minnesota Congressional District.

10:54 PM: Nihilist in Golf Pants: "Let's stop watching Ed Schulz and start watching someone more credible, like Jeff Passolt".

11:07 PM: Chad the Elder has noticed discrepancies in the Hennepin County returns.

11:22 PM: Brian "St. Paul" Ward: "Heidi Collins looks way too happy."

11:23 PM: Hold everything! Emmer has picked up 60,000 votes. Hennepin County cheating or something.

11:30 PM: Kirk wins!!!! Obama's former Senate seat is ours!!!

11:31 PM: Harry Reid steals Nevada Senate seat. We are nearly as despondent as Charles Schumer.

11:40 PM: The Minnesota electoral system is a total joke. 60,000 vote error? Who is this incompetent?

11:41 PM: Atomizer: "I call bullshit on all of this. I'm leaving".

11:45 PM: Fraters Consensus: The Secretary of State website sucks.

11:47 PM: Really miss Michael Barone this election night. What is your problem Fox?

11:54 PM: Tom Horner wants to know where his campaign goes next. YOU LOST YOU MORON! THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER! OVER!

11:56 PM: JB Doubtless: "The theme for tonight is: GAY (not that there is anything wrong with that)". (When TV switched to people dancing at Dayton headquarters)

12:09 AM: Hennepin County returns seem to be corrected. Emmer now down only about 30,000.

12:17 AM: Brian "St. Paul" Ward is now complaining that he doesn't even get gas money from the Patriot for doing the NARN show.

12:19 AM: Everyone but me wants to watch Ed Schulz gloat about Harry Reid's victory.

12:23 AM: Brian "St. Paul" Ward: "How do we know whether we can believe these returns now!?!?!"

12:25 AM: Fraters Consensus: We don't understand how Californians could elect Boxer and Brown an also defeat legalized pot.

12:36 AM: JB Doubtless: "You can see a lot of carpet at the Republican victory party."

12:48 AM: Looking like the Republicans have a shot at taking the Minnesota House and Senate.

12:50 AM: Dayton leads Emmer by less than 30,000 with 76% reporting. The Minneapolis and St. Paul areas are almost all in.
CD1: 84%
CD2: 92%
CD3: 100%
CD4: 97%
CD5: 99%
CD6: 67%
CD7: 63%
CD8: 50%

12:56 AM: Emmer surges to the lead! Mitch Berg sounds like he approves. Maybe the wave hasn't bypassed Minnesota after all!

1:15 AM: WAVE!!! Democrats are dropping like flies from the Minnesota legislature!!!!! We may well take the house and senate! Emmer now behind though.

1:21 AM: JB Doubtless has fallen asleep.

1:29 AM: Looking like about +65 or so for Republicans in the U.S. House, about 10 more than I predicted.

1:34 AM: We take the Minnesota Senate for the first time ever!

1:37 AM: King Banaian leading by 145 with 18 of 22 precincts reporting.

1:57 AM: Good news for Cravaack: Oberstar stronghold St. Louis County is 97% in. Isanti and Wadena counties, where Cravaack has been leading, are only 67 and 54 percent in.

2:02 AM: LANDSLIDE KING! King Banaian wins by 28 votes in House seat 15B. Mandatory recount coming.

2:03 AM: Mark Dayton is cautiously optimistic, but many of the returns remaining seem to be from Republican areas. I don't know if it will be enough to make up a 14K deficit.

2:06 AM: Brian "St. Paul" Ward and I our the only ones left here at the Fraters World Headquarters, but are about to call it a night. Confident on Cravaack, pessimistic on Emmer.

This live blog is over!