Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Florida, Is Not Florida

Coming up on the Northern Alliance Radio Network this Saturday, an interview with Jay Weiner, author of "This Is Not Florida", an exhaustive account of the 2008 Minnesota Senate election race, recount, and lawsuit that ultimately installed Al Franken into the world's greatest deliberative body.

It was the longest (8 months) and most expensive ($20 million) recount in American history and memories of process still linger in or haunt (depending on your political orientation) the minds of politically aware Minnesotans to this day. Weiner does an impressive job in documenting the details on every twist and turn in the road that led from an announced 700+ vote lead for Norm Coleman on election night to a 400+ vote victory by Franken months later. All you wanted to know about the legal wrangling and the TSA-like cavity search for voter intent on each and every ballot that could be dug up is available in this book. Plus great insights into the motivations and intriguing personalities of the main players on both sides.

We'll be talking to Jay Weiner at noon on Saturday and he'll be able to dispel some myths and raise some new questions about what went down in the great recount of 2008. To get a jump on the discussion, check out his terrific presentation on the book broadcast on CSPAN last week.