Monday, November 22, 2010

Living in My Own California . . . NOT

In an exercise of self pity, the headmaster here tries to garner some sympathy by comparing his local neighborhood political plight with that of the Great State of California.


In 1986, the voters of California tossed out three Supreme Court Justices, including Governor Moonbeams choice for Chief Justice, because of their knee-jerk absolutist opposition to the death penalty. (If you wonder why Charles Manson is still alive, thank Rose Bird. And Jerry Brown.)

Maybe more importantly, Jerry Brown opposed Proposition 13, the ballot initiative limiting property tax increases that passed with overwhelming support of the voters.

Yet here we are, years later, and California just elected Jerry effing Brown as Governor and re-elected Babs Boxer to the Senate. On purpose.

So while you folks in Minnesota occasionally get the giggles and elect Jesse Ventura and Al Franken, there really is no comparison to an electorate that willingly give the keys to the car to Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer.

It's over here. Last person out, please turn out the lights.