Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love (not) on the Rocks

Timberwolves forward Kevin Love scored 31 points and pulled down 31 rebounds Friday night against the New York Knicks. This was the first time a player scored 30 points and had 30 rebounds in an NBA game since Moses Malone did it in 1982.

The feat was made sweeter by the player’s last name: Love. This gave headline writers the opportunity to indulge in creative punning.

The Star Tribune gets romantic: Love blooms with 31 points, 31 rebounds in win over Knicks

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press channels Zeppelin: Whole lotta Love

The New York Daily News: T-Wolves show Knicks tough Love

The New York Post is too bitter to come up with a pun: Love’s 30-30 night sinks woeful Knicks

And of course, the New York Times is above such things: Knick Collapse Under Weight of a 21-Point Lead