Saturday, November 20, 2010

Northern Alliance Radio Network

The Northern Alliance Radio Network goes LIVE at 11AM (central). John Hinderaker, stringing together a second show in a row, and me breaking down all the news fit to broadcast.

Topics of discussion may include new TSA screening procedures, a subject that may be a point of disagreement among your amiable hosts. You wouldn't think a couple of liberty loving conservatives like ourselves would lock horns over this, but check out some of the recent commentary on Power Line. From Paul Mirengoff:

But most of the bitching I hear tends not to focus with clarity on the extent to which profiling or use of the machine advances the goal of preventing terrorist attacks. It focuses instead on the fact that the complaining party simply doesn't like what is being done to him or her. That's not surprising given the grievance oriented state of our society, but it's not reassuring either.

And from John Hinderaker himself:

Granted, I am not an attractive woman and therefore am less sensitive to the privacy issues involved in full body scanning. But if I thought the scanners made a meaningful contribution to our security by spotting explosives that don't show up in a metal detector, I would be OK with the technology even though my wife and daughters are very much in the attractive female category. Whether the scanners work or not is unclear, and has not been the focus of most of the current controversy. As for the pat-downs, they befall travelers who set off a metal detector or refuse the scanner. It has probably been several years, and hundreds of flights, since I have been patted down. If things have gotten materially worse over the last few weeks, I will have more to say in the future. But for now I am not seeing a big problem.

Breathtaking insouciance by two renown lawyers and Constitutional rights buffs, if not experts. We'll pick John's brain about this. Then I'll invite in my special guests, two surly, burly TSA agents, who'll strap on the rubber gloves and give him the full body cavity search he seems to be begging for in order to make up his mind.

After those fun and games, at noon, we get serious with a real guest and his sobering topic, the ascendancy of Al Franken to the United States Senate. It's local author Jay Weiner and his book "This Is Not Florida". I got through the brisk 250 pages this week and it's a terrific read. All you wanted to know about the 2008 recount contest between Norm Coleman and Al Franken, and more.

Later Loon of the Week and This Week in Gatekeeping. Should be quite a show.

The NARN First Team starts at 11AM (central). Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey with NARN 2, the Headlighter edition.

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