Monday, November 08, 2010

Stuff Your Pie Hole

From an e-mail I received today from

After an election like this one, there's only one thing to do: EAT!

Well, eat and figure out together how we're going to get our country back on track.

Republicans are promising "no compromise" on repealing health care reform and giving another big tax bailout to millionaires. We need to show President Obama that we want him to fight—and that we'll help him win if he does.

So on Sunday, November 14, we're organizing "Potlucks for Progress" around the country to share some home cooking and figure out together what comes next.

From the Seinfeld episode The Frogger:

ELAINE: What? What is nice? Trying to fill the void in your life with flour and sugar and egg and vanilla? I mean, we're all unhappy. Do we have to be fat, too?