Sunday, December 05, 2010

Helen of Dearborn

One of the big brains over at Powerline noted the other day that America's Crazy Old Aunt, Helen Thomas, remains an unrepentant anti-Semitic old bat, trotting old that old "Joooos-run-the-world" and nobody is allowed to criticize Israel, blah, blah blah. More here and here.

What struck me however, was not only the standing ovation she received from the Dearborn, Michigan, crowd at the "Images and Perceptions of Arab Americans" for her hate, but also the sculpture of her (ponder that for a moment) unveiled at the Arab American National Museum. Lets be honest, as we search for the elusive moderate Muslim majority, we keep stumbling upon moments like this with supposed "moderates" honoring a nasty, hateful, disgusting old anti-Semite hag like Helen Thomas. No doubt she will continue to be honored by our friends in the Religion of Peace. Sorry, but a sculpture honoring Helen and a standing ovation is not being "moderate."

Meanwhile, the search for the elusive moderate Muslim majority continues.