Thursday, December 02, 2010

NARN Interrupted

The First Team of the Northern Alliance Radio Network will be taking a rare and well-deserved day off this week. And for the first time due to forces beyond our control. We've been pre-empted!

Feels like we've hit the big time to me, like when Jason Lewis gets bumped for a Brad Childress call-in show or an episode of Dharma and Greg gets bagged due to war breaking out in Iraq. The real world intrudes while the talent sits back and enjoys some time off to recharge the batteries at full salary.

We'll be back next week. But what will our loyal audience be treated to on Saturday? Take the quiz below, answer to be revealed by Saturday morning at 11AM.

Why is the NARN First Team broadcast being pre-empted this saturday?
Presidential press conference
Live coverage of MN Gubernatorial election recount from Beltrami County
Live broadcast of Kentucky vs. North Carolina basketball game
Extended edition of lead-in program for those really angry and confused about today's news free polls